LOUISIANA MOVIE FILMING LOCATIONS Port of Slidell welcomes filmmakers…

When the Port of Slidell recently announced its availability to filmmakers, it marked the renewal and importance of the site as a major location for film production in Louisiana. Just as the producers of the ‘Bond…James Bond‘ classic ‘Live and Let Die’ did, filmmakers will benefit from this very unique—private—55-acre waterfront location featuring a plethora of rich—diverse—classic southern scenery along 1 mile of scenic waterfront on beautiful Bayou Bonfouca just 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter. 

The Port of Slidell affords filmmakers myriad unique cinematic opportunities and unparalleled production advantages and support services,” states Port of Slidell, Director Steven N. Siegler. “Filmmakers seeking to shoot in Louisiana will find us to be a single-point—a one-stop-shop location that offers extreme ease of use,” continued Siegler. “We have everything a filmmaker could want here. From exploding boat pyrotechnics to the flora-fauna of classic Louisiana, from barges, cranes, and construction services to the best Cajun catering in Louisiana, we even have our own seaplane airstrip and dock. It’s all here in a Private—Safe—Quiet—Secure—Serene—Contained—Controlled, director-friendly environment. We are a full-service facility and can provide filmmakers with the complete spectrum of land/marine/air support services,” concludes Siegler.

Port of Slidell Film Production and Staging
Full-service film production and staging facility on 55-acres of classic soutthern waterfront at the Port of Slidell, just 25 minutes from New Orleans.
Scenes from the James Bond Classic “Live and Let Die” Filmed at The Port of Slidell
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Louisiana Movie Filming Locations

FAA Approved private Seaplane Base, Pelican Seaplane Base at the Port of Slidell.